Wedding Videographer Near Me – 10 tips to find a local Videographer

April 21, 2020

Are you looking for a wedding videographer near you? The search for a wedding videographer can be tricky.

It can also be hard to find a videographer that is near or local to your wedding venue/location.

You might be holding a destination wedding, do you want to hire a wedding videographer from the country you’ll be getting married in?

There can be so much to think about so here are 10 tips to finding a great wedding videographer near you.

1. Google Maps

Did you know you can perform a local search for any business using google maps? You’ve probably seen some google maps listings on a normal google search before.

But did you know you can use google maps to actually perform a search?

It’s super easy.

Just go to:

Google Maps

– Drag the map to your chosen location.

– Type in ‘Wedding videographer’

– Boom. You’ve just found a whole bunch of top rated wedding videographers in the area of your choice!

– You can even drag the map around and re-do the search in an area nearby.

– Click the View Larger Map and give it a try.

2. Local Wedding Directories

There are LOADS of online wedding directories.

Some directories cover the whole of the UK with customisable searches for areas of the country.,

There are also a few some that are more area specific.

Most of them will have some kind of filter to narrow down your search for a wedding videographer.

Here’s just a few area specific directories that will help you on your search!

Wed – Cornwall Wedding Directory
Scottish Wedding Directory
London Wedding Directory
UK Wedding Directory

3. Local Facebook Wedding Groups

Much like the above directories Facebook groups are a great way of gaining peoples personal insights to local wedding videographers.

There is an added bonus here that you will be able to hear real peoples experiences with their chosen wedding videographer.

Facebook groups can occasionally be a hot bed for business advertisement so do be aware if you put a post in a local Facebook group prepare to be inundated with comments from businesses.

Is it worth the time?

I think this can be a valuable place to find videographers near you, or near to your chosen wedding location.

The bonus here is definitely the personal/referral aspect.

4. Instagram Search

Many of you will already be rocking the Instagram search.

A search for something along the lines of:

‘wedding videographer cornwall’


‘wedding videographer london’

Will give you a ton of great results.

You may have accounts that pop up straight away, or perhaps the odd hashtag.

Either way you’re going to be able to watch videos related to your search term straight away.

Instagram is a great way to connect with videographers near you.

You can watch real wedding videos, drop them a DM and get in touch.

Be aware that the majority of posts that will show up in your search will be limited to a 1 minute video.

So be sure to click on the account and the link in their bio will take you straight over to their website where you can view some full length wedding videos.

5. Looking for a videographer near me? Ask a friend!

You may have a friend who is local to the area that you’re getting married in. They could have a vital piece of local knowledge that could help you out.

Your friend might have a friend of a friend who got married and you saw their wedding video highlight video on Facebook and it was epic

There is nothing quite like a personal referral. You know that you’re in safe hands as these people hired them in the first place.

You can also ask detailed questions about that wedding videographer.

How much did they cost?

What were they like on the day?

How long did it take for them to deliver your films?

There is nothing quite like hearing someones hands on experience with a wedding supplier.

6. Attend a Local Wedding Fair

There are loads of local wedding fairs that are guaranteed to have a whole host of wedding suppliers that will be able to help you out on your big day.

To actually meet the supplier in person, ask them questions about their service is a great opportunity.

Most wedding fairs are free to attend but there will be some that charge an entry fee so it’s always good to plan ahead.

There are some AMAZING wedding showcases that go on all around the UK which you’ll be able to find a local wedding videographer.

Personally I love to have a face to face conversation with potential couples. It’s a good opportunity to see if I’m a right fit to capture your wedding day.

7. Business Directories

Remember the days of the yellow pages?

I basically remember it arriving on my doorstep (I was probably about 10) and dragging it inside and dumping it somewhere near the front door.

Marketing in the 90’s. DONE.

It’s crazy to think this used to be one of the major ways that people found local businesses.

Similar to the wedding directories many wedding videographers and suppliers will be listed in business directories.

Now the likes of Yellow Pages and Thomson Local are all listed online.

Instead of thumbing through the A-Z you can punch in a search and be shown some of the best local talent.

8. Youtube Search 

Much like all the online search options Youtube could be another opportunity to find a wedding videographer near you.

A good thing to do would be to type in something along the lines of…

‘Wedding Video {Insert your wedding venue name}’

Then you’ll get a whole host of wedding videos from videographers that have already shot at your chosen wedding venue.

You’ll again be able to watch real films from real weddings and be able to gauge the quality of their work.

You may even be able to head over to their YouTube channel and see more videos.

9. Vimeo Search

Although Youtube is considered the king of online video content, Vimeo is a close second.

It’s also another great avenue for finding a wedding videographer.

Youtube might be great for finding a huge quantity of wedding films but Vimeo is where you’ll find super high QUALITY wedding videos.

Vimeo, since the beginning has been about curating high quality film content for their viewers.

If you’re looking for a top notch luxury wedding videographer then Vimeo could be a great place for you to look.

Try using the same search ‘Wedding Video {Insert your wedding venue name}’ and see what you can find!

10. Your Search is Over!

If you’ve landed on this page and you’ve got all the way down to here then here comes the shameless plug!

This is me and I would LOVE to be considered to be your wedding videographer.

I work all across the UK and beyond filming stunning wedding days.

I’ve worked at loads of different venues stretching all over the UK so do get in touch if you want to find out more.

Perhaps your search for a wedding videographer near you is finally over.

In Conclusion:

  • Use Google Maps
  • Local Wedding Directories
  • Facebook Wedding Groups
  • Instagram Search
  • Ask a Friend!
  • Attend a local wedding fair
  • Business Directories
  • Youtube Search
  • Vimeo Search
  • Pick Me!

Noah Werth is a wedding videographer and photographer based in sunny Cornwall. He has personally written this blog post for your reading and viewing pleasure. Please do say hello to him here.