Wedding Videographer Boconnoc

August 9, 2021

Wedding Videographer Boconnoc, Cornwall. The stunning wedding day of Lucie and Ross in the beautiful setting of the Boconnoc Estate.

Watch Lucie and Ross’s wedding film from their stunning, timeless wedding day.

More of a reader? Why not have a read through why Lucie & Ross chose Noah Werth to be their wedding videographer Boconnoc.

Wedding Videographer Cornwall. Noah Werth Film & Photography.

What made you fall in love with the Boconnoc Estate?

The two mile drive – every time we drive down towards the house we are seriously wowed!

We also loved that Boconnoc offered us exclusivity. We have the whole space for a weekend and can treat it like our home.

Furthermore, we’re getting married in the church to have the traditional element but also the church is so beautiful inside. Hopefully it’ll be lit up with 100s of candles and be super intimate with our 30 guests. After this we will walk down the gravel drive with our guests to the canapé reception on the lawn. Then we will move in to the garden room for our wedding breakfast. The whole vibe of Boconnoc made us both feel at ease but also, super extra at the same time.

What were you looking for in your wedding videographer?

There is something in the colours you use in your wedding films which we both loved. They aren’t overly saturated but give everyone in the films and the locations such a beautiful hue.

We also love the shots where you set the scene – the close ups of flowers, fields, the wide shot of the venues, the drone shots. I think this sold it for us that not only will you capture us on our day but also the day itself so we can remember the weather, what way the breeze was blowing, how the light hits the house – your films manage to please every sense.

Unlike any other wedding videographer Boconnoc, you manage to capture the guests and atmosphere of the day with a multitude of shots. In the films we have said we like below there are some beautiful mirror shots and some of the bride having a moment to soak in the day which were so beautiful.

We also stalked your instagram and saw how much you put the couples at ease. Neither of us are particularly confident in front of a camera so knowing you’ll able to direct us and keep up calm will be such a reassurance.

What’s the proposal story?

So Ross and I have been together for 11 years, we met when I was 19 and Ross 20. We’ve navigated a long distance relationship for 4.5 years, moved to New Zealand for a year and now live in St Albans with our pet whippet, Lola.

In that time, like a lot of women, I’ve dropped huge hints and then full on tantrums about getting married. But when it actually came to the proposal I ruined the first two attempts.

The first was meant to be when we were due to rehome a greyhound but when we went to collect her the owner ghosted us. In a flood of tears I said to Ross, “I thought you would propose today when we got the dog home” – turns out that was the plan and Ross was not impressed I’d uncovered it.

The second attempt was a few weeks later when we went on holiday to Morocco. We met a couple at the pool who had got engaged the night before with a rose-petal-swan-towel-faux-diarrhea story to go with it. Even though we both LOVE Morocco I scoffed at the idea of getting engaged at the hotel as it wasn’t very ‘us’. So the ring Ross had travelled with, travelled right back home again without coming out of his rucksack.

The third (and successful) attempt took place at home and to be honest, was perfect in terms of who we are as a couple. But before Ross could propose I found the bottle of champagne he’d hidden in the cupboard and accosted Ross as to why it was in the house considering he doesn’t drink it. When it clicked it was for when he proposed I suggested we pop it in the fridge so at least it’s chilled when the time comes.

Anyway, December 21st rolls round. We’d brought home our new whippet puppy (Lola) a week or two earlier and her and I were having a pre-dinner nap on the couch. Ross was cooking crab linguine (our favourite meal) but was being suspiciously quiet in the kitchen. Eventually he came out and asked if I’d like a drink. I’d already drank a bottle of bucks fizz so asked for water which is when he revealed the champagne and said, “how about we open this?”. He then got down on one knee and I said yes.

In the hubbub of our celebrating we didn’t notice Lola had helped herself to the ring box and was chewing the corners. I’ll bring this with me on the day.

What experience do you want to give your wedding guests at Boconnoc?

Ideally we want our guests to have a seamless experience from start to finish, where they can forget about the past year and enjoy amazing food and good wine. We have opted for an amazing caterer and we really want people to relax in to the day and revel in how special and intimate the whole thing will be.

Because our day is more of a glorified dinner party, with no dancing at our reception allowed, we will want to capture as much of the build up and ‘day’ element as possible. We want to see everyone in conversation, enjoying being somewhat back to normal and easting and drinking good food.

Actually, whilst I allude to covid – one thing we really don’t want to see is any covid obvious elements. I appreciate this might be tricky but ideally we don’t want any face mask, hand sanitiser, social distancing shots. Covid has ruined enough and we don’t want it to ruin our wedding videographer Boconnoc.

Many of our guests are travelling down with many having never been to Cornwall, let alone Boconnoc. The venue is so special that we want them to enjoy being there and hope they make the most of the house and surroundings.

This may not translate well in text, but we want to impress our guests. We are the first of our school friends to get married and we really want to show them how incredible a wedding can be and invite them to celebrate Ross and I.

Our whole vibe is timeless, classic, elegant but also fun and relaxed.