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February 26, 2021

Wedding Photographer and Videographer Devon. I have been fortunate enough to capture some gorgeous weddings all over Devon. I’ve captured wedding photos and videos at the stunning Huntsham Court. I’ve captured extravagant wedding days at the beautiful Anrán Luxury Boutique, and not forgetting the historic grandeur of Powderham Castle.

All weddings are different. Every single one has unique characteristics because your wedding day is a reflection of who you are as a couple. Furthermore, a wedding is a day in your lives like no other, it’s full of joy, laughter and love

Weddings in 2021 and 2022

At the beginning of 2021 I am hopeful that we will see some large scale parties happening this year. The wedding industry has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic but I believe there is hope for the future.

The have been lots of organisations campaigning for weddings throughout 2020 and into 2021. #whataboutweddings has been a brilliant advocate for the industry. The UK Weddings Taskforce has also been exceptional in lobbying the government for support.

If you’re planning your wedding for 2021 or 2022 then I would suggest you visit both of these sites. They are a fantastic source of support, information and guidance for your wedding planning.

As a little refresh for 2021 I wanted to share some wedding photography and videography in Devon.

Huntsham Court Wedding Photography and Videography

The Bride & Groom Preparations

Let’s start with the stunning Alex & James’s wedding at Huntsham Court from back in November 2019.

Alex and James were an amazing couple to work with. They opted to have a pre-wedding shoot which we arranged for sunset on Exmoor. It was gorgeous!

The whole wedding day was held at Huntsham. Both the bride and groom were getting ready in the suites next door to each other.

The Ceremony

Once Alex, her bridesmaids and James and his groomsmen were ready it was time to head to the church. James and his groomsmen were at the church ready to greet all the guests, whilst Alex held back and arrived in style in the stunning white Triumph TR7.

Once the ceremony as over it was time for everyone to head back to the main house. As it was a winter wedding the fireplace was roaring and scrumptious mulled cider was being served. Everyone was mingling and having fun.

The Wedding Reception

The reception meal was soon to take place and the tables and reception room were beautiful. There was such attention to detail on the table settings. The staff at Huntsham Court did an amazing job of dressing the dining space.

After Alex and James had entered the wedding reception it was time for the speeches. The wedding speeches are one of my favourite parts of the wedding. As much as I get to know my brides and grooms before their wedding day, there is always something new that I learn during the speeches, especially the best man speech.

The Evening Party

Then it’s time for the party to begin. I LOVE a good party. Alex and James really went for it, as did all their guests. When it comes to photographing the wedding evening I tend to use some some specific techniques which can give a really cool aesthetic to your wedding photos.

I use a mixture of on camera flash, movement and slow shutter speed to achieve this particular style for the evening party. I think this technique really brings the party to life, furthermore it helps capture some of the crazy dance moves in action.

When the party is over the work of a wedding photographer and videographer Devon isn’t finished. In fact it’s only just begun. The editing process is long and requires attention to detail. Editing a wedding video also takes a good amount of time.

Devon Wedding Videographer

Anrán Wedding Photographer and Videographer Devon

The next wedding we’ll have a look through is the beautiful day of Charlotte and Mark. They had their whole wedding day held at the gorgeous Anrán from preparations all the way through to their evening party.

Being a wedding photographer and videographer Devon means I get to capture stunning venues like this one!

One of the great advantages at Anrán is that guests and family can stay on site. The accommodation is stunning and finished to a really high standard, furthermore if you intend on making a full weekend out of your stay there is the swimming pool, clay shooting and the pottery studio to enjoy.

The Bride & Groom Preparations

Charlotte & Mark did just this for their wedding day, with Charlotte and her bridesmaids getting ready in the beautiful Manor Bedroom 8.

Mark and the groomsmen were also on site just next door to the manor house in the beautiful luxury holiday home.

Then it was time for lads to take a stroll down the road to the Live & Let Live for a pre-ceremony pint!

The Ceremony

Charlotte was then all ready to leave the Manor House and take a very short journey up to the church at the top of the hill.

The wedding ceremony is always an amazing moment to capture on video. The one advantage your wedding film has over your wedding photos is audio. The vows you say to each other, the nervous giggling and the tears are all captured forever as a memory to share with future generations.

Once the ceremony had finished and both the bride and groom were sufficiently covered in confetti it was time for some well earned mingling and canapés.

The Wedding Reception

The courtyard at Anran provides the perfect space for you and your guests to chat and relax after the ceremony has taken place.

When the sun is shining it’s warm and bright, furthermore there is plenty of under cover space for a live musician or an acoustic duo to entertain your guests while they grab a drink.

The courtyard also provides a good space to capture your group shots. This means guests don’t have to walk far which is especially helpful for your older family members or guests.

After a drink, some canapés and the group photos it was then time for everyone to head into the stunning glasshouse.

The Evening Party

It was then time for everyone to sit down and eat their meal, then the speeches commenced after everyone had finished.

The party started in the glasshouse with the live band playing their first set on the stage in the corner. Charlotte’s dad had built a custom bar for the evening guests to get their drinks from. It was a seriously fun party to capture on photo and film.

Charlotte and Mark had their first dance to the awesome ‘Waiting All Night’ by Rudimental literally everyone was cheering and were soon enough joining them on the dance floor.

If you’re considering booking Anrán as your wedding venue in fact, if you’re wanting to book your wedding photography and videography at Anrán then definitely get in touch.

In Conclusion

There are some absolutely fantastic wedding venues in Devon. Being able to capture both wedding photography and videography is an absolute privilege.

Huntsham Court and Anrán are just two of many wedding venues in Devon and I’m looking forward to shooting lots more this year.

2020 was a hard year for many wedding businesses but I’m looking forward to all the joy, love and hope that weddings encapsulate.

If you want to say hello or even book your wedding photographer and videographer Devon then I would love to hear from you!

wedding photographer and videographer devon

Noah Werth is a wedding videographer and photographer who travels all over the UK and beyond. He has personally written this blog post for your reading and viewing pleasure. Please do say hello to him here.