Video & Photo?…decisions decisions

January 29, 2019

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So if you’re getting married you will almost DEFINITELY book a photographer.

It’s the go to thing right?


You Google search for hours, trawl through Facebook looking for deals, hunt for #weddinginspo on Instagram.

You’re literally flooded with images all the time, on your phone, your television at work and yet choosing the right photographer can seem to take SOO long.


Then you see a videoOoo you think. That video just captures the day in such a different way to our photography, I’d love to have both.

I believe in both.


That’s why this year we’re now offering both photography and video packages.

Photography is such an amazing, creative art form. It captures a single moment, that smile, that tear.

The printable tactile photograph is still as beautiful and timeless as ever. Framed on the mantlepiece or stuck in a scrap book, you can’t beat it.



Video adds in a whole new dynamic, not just moving images but sound too.

A wedding day is rich with laughter, music and promises. There is something so special about being able to listen to the vows you made to one another or that story your best man shared. Awkward.

Then, to be able to share those moments with your children (awkward), or grandchildren (probably funny by then) you get the idea.

That is an opportunity not to be missed…

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So how do you choose?

The right photographer, the right videographer that is?

Honestly… I don’t know.

Budget? Location? Style?

Probably all of the above and then some!

But, when it comes to providing a top quality service relationship is my top priority.

I actually want to get to know the both of you.

How did you two lovebirds meet?

How did he propose?

Favourite dance move?

Go to coffee blend?

That last question will actually make or break this wedding guys.



Whoever you choose (me!) just talk to them, have a good chin wag, have a laugh that’s your best investment.


I would LOVE to talk,

[email protected]


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