September 19, 2020

Pre-Wedding Shoot Cornwall

Being a wedding photographer and videographer in Cornwall means I get to shoot at some of the best locations in the U.K.

For this pre-wedding photo shoot I took the very lovely A + D to Pendeen Lighthouse, Cornwall.

This location has some absolutely stunning scenery. Similarly, The cliff top view heading west is phenomenal.

Have you ever been to a secret Cornish beach? 

We explored the cliff top next to the lighthouse then ventured down the very secret (shh!) boat cove just a short walk away. 

There is something very special about being this close to nature all by yourselves.

We were totally alone on this little slice of secluded paradise. However, the waves were rumbling and there was some serious splashing.

Alice and David had planned their wedding for October 2020 but unfortunately due to the coronavirus pandemic they were forced to postpone.

Have you had to postpone your wedding day? 

If you’re looking for a meaningful way to capture what would have been your wedding day then I would love to help.

Let’s Talk About Your Wedding!

Get in touch! I would love to help you with your wedding plans with a photography and videography shoot. 

Alice ordered an amazing denim jacket to celebrate the occasion courtesy of the lovely people at For the Love of Pearls.

A pre wedding photography or video shoot is a great way to practice in front of the camera.

I always suggest getting one booked in if you can. 

It’s also a great way to meet with you both and have some fun! 

I’m able to offer pre wedding photography shoots. In addition, I also offer pre-wedding videography too.

I can offer these in a Covid-secure socially distant way too! 

When the world seems to be changing every day, it’s good to take some time out and reflect on what matters in life. 

You can do this with the one you love, on a cliff top in Cornwall, on a hidden beach, in the woods, on a boat! Let’s make it happen.

My approach to a pre-wedding shoot is informal, fun and natural. Above all, I want to make sure you guys enjoy yourselves.

The best pictures emerge from the truest moments of fun, joy and serenity. Furthermore, this means when you look back you’ll remember the fun you had.

I’ll make sure I capture all of it. In fact, I’ll capture it and then some.

Have you got a location that’s special to you both? 

Have a look at this map below and see if you can find it. 

If it’s on the map, I’ll go there with you.

Cornwall, Devon, Somerset heck evening Timbucktoo. In brief: I’ll be there.

Just be sure to bring the doughnuts ok? 

I ❤️ ?

Noah Werth is a wedding videographer and photographer based in sunny Cornwall. He has personally written this blog post for your reading and viewing pleasure. Please do say hello to him here.