What’s A Micro Wedding? – A Wedding Videographers Experience

September 30, 2020

Being a micro wedding videographer and photographer in Cornwall is perhaps one of life’s great privileges.

I’ve been an intimate part in a couples most special of days, furthermore I get to document and travel to some of the most epic locations.

Being a wedding photographer and videographer in 2020 has become a drastically different experience than in 2019.

In this blog post I want to share a few key things to consider when planning a micro wedding.

In This Article:

  • Micro Weddings – All The Info
  • How Do I Change My Big Wedding to a Small Wedding?
  • How Can I Include People in My Ceremony?
  • What About My Wedding Reception?
  • What About An Elopement?
  • Should I Just Postpone My Wedding?
  • Should I Hire a Videographer?

The rise of the elopement wedding and the micro wedding is a trend set to continue for at least for another 6 months, thanks Boris!

As I’m sure you know by now there has been lots of moving the goal posts in terms of weddings.

Do check out the latest government guidance,

But do you know what that means about your wedding in 2020 or 2021?

Micro-Weddings Here We Come!

Small intimate weddings full of love, laughter and joy are still able to go ahead.

The small number of weddings I have had the pleasure of documenting this year (just 5!) Have been a phenomenal pleasure to be a part of.

One of the weddings I captured this year the couple hadn’t even told their family, they’re going to hold out for a whole year and announce it at a massive party! How crazy amazing is that?

Micro weddings are a great way to celebrate the start of your new married life together, however they may not be for you.

A Micro wedding is essentially everything you’d expect from a wedding.

The morning preparations and the eager anticipation.

The waiting at the top of the aisle with butterflies in your stomach.

Getting Married!

Eating Food.

Saying Some Speeches.

Having a Boogie.

But, doing all of this wonderful wedding fun with much fewer people, namely 15 people according to the current guidelines.

If having less people at your wedding doesn’t deter you then a micro wedding could be for you.

For some people, the idea of having less people staring, smiling and awkwardly elbowing you on your wedding day is a blessed relief.

But it certainly isn’t going to be a solution for everyone.

How Do I Change My Big Wedding to A Small Wedding?

So this isn’t going to be easy.

Brace yourself.

You need to ask yourself some important questions, additionally you may figure out if a small wedding is feasible in your circumstances.

You might have a HUGE family and you simply can’t un-invite key family members.

Changing your big wedding day to something different is no easy task.

The biggest challenge will probably be the culling of your guest list. ? Awkward.

This could be the first hurdle, indeed it could be the sole reason for holding to your guns and going for a big wedding.

This is 100% O.K.

Your wedding is your big day and you should be able to include everyone you want to, moreover you may have a huge direct family and there is no way you could ask some not to come.

This is a massive deal, and it’s a reason many wedding businesses are petitioning the government to increase the 15 person limit at weddings.

How Can I Include People In My Ceremony?

There a few things we can do to in order to include more people in your wedding ceremony.

The addition of a livestream to your wedding day means that guests unable to be there in person are able to watch you actually get married.

As an elopement wedding videographer I’ve been able to offer this service to my couples this year and it has been a roaring success!

The Livestream is broadcast to a private Facebook group where all the guests had been previously invited to join.

Guests were able to post selfies all dressed up for the big day, in fact some even held up their champagne toasts to the happy couple.

What About My Wedding Reception?

Now jut like your guest list this could be another part of your wedding day that you just can’t compromise on.

Surely a big party is what a wedding is for, of course a wedding with a small party can be lots of fun too.

Your wedding reception is made up three fundamental sections.

Your Food.

The Speeches.

Your Evening Party.

If you have all these three elements as part of your wedding day then you’re not veering off into something unrecognisable as a wedding.

Guests will still laugh.

Guests will still cry.

AND your guests will almost certainly dance.

IF you embrace the idea and go for the change from a big wedding to small wedding then your guests will follow.

What about an Elopement?

An elopement wedding is a great option when consider downsizing your wedding day.

As an elopement wedding videographer and photographer I’m able to capture these days in a unique way, importantly capturing BOTH photography and video as just one person.

This is a service I only offer for elopement weddings.

Yes you read that correctly.

If you’re considering an elopement wedding then I can offer both photography and videography as a solo shooter.

Wait? Noah, are you a wizard?

Yes, yes I am.

Well not really, but this does mean that it’s the least obtrusive wedding photography and videography solution as possible.

It’s just me and my cameras with you on your awesome clifftop, seaside, woodland wedding adventure.

Should I just Postpone My Wedding?

Postponing your wedding day is definitely an option for you, currently this does seem to be the most common solution to re-orienting your wedding day.

You may have considered Postponing your wedding day already, furthermore it might be something you’re having to consider doing for the second time.

Postponing is a good solution if hosting a smaller wedding simply isn’t feasible.

The difficulty with this option may well be that you just want to be married.

Starting married life together, maybe moving in together into a new home, starting a family.

There are larger questions at stake for each couple and there is no way I can answer those for you.

What I would say is that balance and rationality is something to be used here.

The larger life questions of perhaps moving home, starting a marriage, having children and all to be balanced with this wedding question.

Covid-19 isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and though it has been a catastrophic blow to so many areas of life, don’t let it stop you from living.

As a Christian the words of Jesus have offered me a great deal of hope during this last year, I’ve put them here as they might well be of encouragement to you too.

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came [Jesus] that they may have life and have it abundantly.” – John 10:10

This covid thief has come to steal, kill and destroy. Literally. This isn’t a metaphor or an allegory, covid-19 has literally done all of these things to our lives.

But Jesus offers us life, not just heaven, not just a distant hand but life in an abundance, right here and right now.

This doesn’t necessarily mean an alleviation of trouble or problems but He offers peace, and hope that goes beyond our humanity.

Don’t let the crisis halt your life.

Anyway, preach over.

Should I book a Wedding Videographer?

Erm. Yeah. Obvs.

If you’re scaling down your wedding then booking a wedding videographer is definitely something to consider, in fact it could be more crucial than if you have a big wedding.

A wedding videographer will be able to capture all your condensed wedding loveliness in to a perfect package to share with all your friends and family.

You’ll be able to share a highlights of your day, the full ceremony and the full speeches and maybe even some more of your big day with everyone.

Personally, I deliver my films using the Eazyflicks platform, therefore all your films are delivered to an online gallery where you can watch and download all of your films.

Want to see a full wedding video gallery?

Then just get in touch and I can send you over some wedding video’s for to watch.

Where Do We Go From Here?

That is one question I can’t answer for you, besides I’m there to capture your wedding however you choose to do it.

There are many things to consider when changing your wedding day but I will say is that if  you’ve already booked me, you’re thinking of booking me or you’ve just stumbled upon these musings then I’m here to help YOU.

Yes YOU.

If you want to chat through any of your wedding details then please do just get in touch.

I would be delighted to have a chat with you on the phone, drop me a WhatsApp or we can schedule a Zoom/Skype catch up.

In Conclusion

So here are your options when it comes to changing your wedding day plans.

  • Plan a Micro Wedding (currently up to 15 people)
  • Plan an Elopement (just the 2 of you!)
  • Livestream Your Wedding Ceremony  
  • Postpone
  • Have Hope
  • Book a videographer (so you can share all your wedding day loveliness!).

Noah Werth is a wedding videographer and photographer who travels all over the UK and beyond. He has personally written this blog post for your reading and viewing pleasure. Please do say hello to him here.