Livestream Your Wedding (2020) – Make Your Livestream Look AMAZING

May 15, 2020

Want to Livestream your wedding? When it comes to live-streaming your wedding day there is a lot to consider.

It seems in just a matter of weeks everyone has become an expert at live-streaming.

We’ve probably all done a Zoom call, accidentally muted ourselves and spoken to confused faces and thought, what IS HAPPENING?!

In this blog post I want to help you get the BEST possible quality video for your wedding livestream.

If you own a DSLR camera and in particular a Sony A7iii then check out the video below for a full livestream setup.

In this post we’ll be looking at:

1. Internet Connection

2. Video Quality

3. Stability (tripod, mount etc.)

4. Audio Quality

5. Change your Zoom/Skype Settings

6. Wedding Venue?

7. Hiring a Wedding Videographer

8. Equipment You’ll Need (With Links!)

1. Internet Connection

The first thing to think about when planning your live-stream is having a reliable internet connection.

You’ll need to test the internet speeds in the exact locations that you intend to transmit your live feed from.

If you’ve got an outdoor ceremony for example, you’ll need to test the internet speed from the exact spot you’re getting married.

The best way to test the internet and video speed is to make a FaceTime or Video call from your mobile to another device in a different location.

This way can test the real world performance of the video transmission.

You can purchase a portable wifi hotspot which allows you to use a strong 4G connection as a wifi hub.

Bear in mind that results may vary and they can be very expensive.

If live streaming is something you want to invest in as a wedding venue/couple then it could be a wise investment.

2. Video Quality

Video quality is really important to make you live-streams look professional.

No-one wants to look at poor quality, pixelated video right?

One way to increase the quality of your video call is use a professional camera as a webcam.

There are tons of options for various budgets when it comes to this.

If budget is an issue I would suggest getting the BEST webcam that you can with the most costly being around £100.

If you’ve got a little bit more money to spend on a more permanent solution then investing in a mirrorless DSLR camera could be the way forward!

I’ve been using the Sony A7iii as a webcam and it is fantastic!

If you have any questions on specific equipment then please do get in touch!

3. Stability

Another way to improve your video live-streaming is stability.

If you’re using an iPhone for your live-streaming you may be propping it up against an old mug, balancing it on books or just holding it.

To improve the stability and ease of your live-streaming I would definitely suggest buying a tripod to support your video capture device.

This is a great low cost way of improving your live streams.

If you’re looking for an iPhone tripod or a full on camera tripod then there are some great options.

4. Audio Quality

Improving video quality is one thing, but if you can improve the audio quality of your live-streams you’ll be the best in the biz.

Just like video quality there are various ways to improve the audio of your calls/livestreams.

You could use a high quality USB microphone or if you want a smaller less desk occupying option then a Lav mic could just do the job for you.

According to this study the audio quality of a call doesn’t just impact a viewers experience but can also affect their trust in what’s being said.

“As soon as we reduced the audio quality, all of a sudden, the scientists and their research lost credibility,” – Eryn Newman

That’s crazy.

To think that there is a direct link between the quality of audio and how the listener trusts what is being said is mad.

It’s important to have high quality audio for live-streams and conference calls. Enough said.

5. Making the changes in Zoom & Skype

For both Zoom and Skype calls you’ll need to change some settings if you intend on using a different camera and audio source.

Below are some links to the official guidelines on how to make the changes.

Follow these instructions for Zoom Calls.

And these instructions for Skype Calls

6. Wedding Venue?

Are you a wedding venue considering offering live-streaming services to your wedding couples?

I’ve had several messages from venues and couples alike asking about what can be done to offer a professional live-streaming service.

If you’re wanting to offer a professional solution to those couples looking to still marry during restrictions then do get in touch.

As the lockdown restrictions start to ease and lift I think there will be an increase in small intimate weddings.

More people will want to elope and Cornwall may well see an increase in small elopement style weddings.

Many of these couples may have planned for a large wedding and instead of postponing will want to just get married.

For you as a wedding venue it could make you really stand out if you can offer a professional live-streaming of this couples elopement/small ceremony.

I would be more than happy to help and talk you through all the various options so do get in touch for more information:

[email protected] or 07880710093

7. Hiring a Videographer

Another option to couples considering a live-stream of their wedding day is to hire a wedding videographer.

Some wedding videographers may be able to offer you live streaming services AND a full wedding video.

There could be an additional cost to this as it may involve having to hire an additional person to manage the livestream.

If you’re considering hiring a wedding videographer then it’s worth asking them, can you offer a livestream?

In general you’ll receive a highlight film, full ceremony and your full speeches films when you hire a wedding videographer.

Many may have optional extras such as drone footage, longer feature films and may even offer photography too.

If you’re looking for a wedding videographer, livestream wedding operator or a wedding photographer then do get in touch as we would love to be a part of your big day.

8. Equipment You’ll Need!

If you want to go for it and get ready for live- streaming here’s a list of items that you’ll need to make your wedding live-streams look and sound awesome.

These are affiliate links so if you decide to purchase through these links I get a teeny tiny little something back, so I would be SUPER grateful if you use them. There is no additional cost to you whatsoever it just means I get a little bonus!

Audio Equipment

2 x Microphone to attach to Groom & Registrar:

Rode Smartlav+ Lavalier Microphone

2 x Adapter for Microphone:

RØDE SC3 Adapter

2 x 6m (20ft) Extension Cable (You’ll need this for social distance!)

RØDE SC1 TRRS extension cable for smartLav+

Adapter to plug in to your Laptop (This one if you have a USB-C port):

Apple USB-C to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter

Choose this one if your laptop has a USB 3 Port:

USB Sound Card To Jack 3.5 Converter

Camera Equipment

This is one of the best Webcams You can buy:

Logitech StreamCam – Mac + PC

High End 4K Webcam:

Logitech Brio Webcam, Ultra HD 4K Streaming Edition

My camera of choice…

Sony Alpha 7 III | Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera

Paired with this lens…

Sony 50 mm F1.8 Lens


An Excellent Tripod – Really sturdy and tall:

Aluminum Tripod with Ball Head and Carry Bag

Cheaper Tripod Option:

Compact Tripod – Aluminum Lightweight

** Also! I’ll be uploading a video with step by step instructions on how to set up all of your new equipment and get it working so stay tuned! **

In Summary…

If you want to livestream a wedding via Zoom, Skype or any other format these are the things you’ll need to consider:

1. Internet Connection

2. Video Quality

3. Stability (tripod etc.)

4. Audio Quality

5. Changing your Zoom/Skype Settings

6. Speak to your Wedding Venue

7. Hire a Videographer.

8. Go and buy everything you need!

Noah Werth is a wedding videographer and photographer based in sunny Cornwall. He has personally written this blog post for your reading and viewing pleasure. Please do say hello to him here.