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Madeleine & Alex's Wedding at Boconnion, Cornwall.

Wedding Photography and Videography by Noah Werth

Noah Werth had the pleasure of being the wedding photographer at Boconnion for Madeleine and Alex’s wedding day. It was a truly beautiful and elegant occasion full of friends, family and romance.

Madeleine and Alex run a very successful lifestyle Youtube channel sharing vegan recipes, house renovations and also vlogs.

It’s always a specific kind of challenge capturing wedding photos and videos for others in the creative industry. You know that they have a keen eye for design and composition so the pressure is on!

Similarly, I knew their wedding film was going to be shared on their Youtube channel it was really important to get everything perfect for them.

I opted for a unique introduction to their wedding film. It was composed from short clips of them from their life so far. This brought a particularly personal and emotional introduction to their love story.

What made you fall in love with Boconnion?

We love old buildings, and knew we were after an old manor house for our wedding.

The surrounding countryside, nature, trees, beautiful Georgian house is all so stunningly beautiful!

We were so happy that our whole family could stay for the weekend too. Everything about the manor house interiors, to the architecture of the building, to the space outside that we will be getting married in, to the barn where our reception will be held is perfect for what we were after!

Why did you choose Noah Werth Film & Photography to be your wedding photographer at Boconnion?

I fell in love with your photography, and your videography made me cry! I hadn’t yet seen a wedding videographer who really captured the emotions and feeling of a wedding like your videos.

It really felt like you were telling a story with each example I watched. I felt your style is natural, timeless and emotive, but also fun, which is the exact style that matches what we would want.

Nothing too cheesy or posed, but natural and capturing the real emotion of the big day! I want to look back and feel like I can sense and feel our wedding day within our wedding film, and felt that’s exactly what you do!

What do you do for fun and enjoyment when you're not planning your wedding?

  • We love cooking and eating out. Food is our job and our love!
  • We love going for walks with our dog, exploring Cornwall, the countryside and coast.
  • Spending time with family and friends whenever we can.
  • Being active, going to the gym, cycling, swimming
    Though travel was taken away from us the last few years, we love to travel!
  • Alex loves gaming, sci-fi and all things geeky
  • Looking for a wedding photographer Boconnion
  • We both love music (though different kinds and Alex definitely doesn’t approve of my singing)
  • Maddie loves home renovation, interiors and design

What's the proposal story?

After a night out with my sister and my friends where Alex picked us up in his car and managed to get a puncture at 3am (!!!), he managed to convince me to go out for a meal in St Ives the following day.

Despite being tired and hungover, he got me showered and out of the house. We went to the beach with my sister and brother in law, their dog Reggie, and our dog Roxie.

When we arrived, I was skeptical as to why Charlie and Tom were heading off to the shops, and were keen to take the dogs with them. I

insisted we took the dogs as we were going for a walk on the beach so it only made sense! They didn’t push so as to not cause any further suspicion!

Alex and I went for a walk along Porthmeor beach, and then up to the chapel on the Island.

It was near sunset and when we got to the top we sat down in the wind and Alex bent down to “tie his shoelaces”. I made the joke “wouldn’t it be funny if you proposed right now” to which he responded “funny you say that…”

He proposed and I said yes and as the sun set we soaked the moment up! After 10 years we were finally engaged woo!

What experience did you want to give your wedding guests?

We wanted them to have a wonderful weekend filled with fun, happiness, laughter, emotions, hugs, love, and to go away having had the best time ever.

We wanted it to feel super romantic, but also not stuffy. Cosy, welcoming and full of lots and lots of laughter!

Kind Words

It was an absolute pleasure being a wedding photographer at Boconnion, Maddie & Alex’s wedding day was elegant, stylish and full of love.

Here’s some Kind words from Maddie & Alex:

“It is safe to say myself, Alex and all of my family and friends are so happy and overwhelmed by how beautiful the photos and the videos are!

I really appreciate you capturing our special day in such a beautiful way. It truly looked like a movie!”


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